Jewellery care

At KDJ, we firmly believe that jewellery should last beyond a single lifetime, and caring for it properly is the key to ensuring that generations to come can cherish it as well.

Here's the best way to care for your jewellery:

Gentle Cleaning: Treat your jewellery to a home spa with a mix of warm, mildly soapy water and a soft brush. A soft toothbrush and a touch of mild dish soap work wonders. Afterward, gently pat it dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Storage: Jewellery’s arch-nemesis is... other jewellery! Store your pieces by individually wrapping them in tissue or fabric while traveling or storing them in separate compartments within a jewellery box.

When to wear it and when not: Before engaging in activities that could nudge or rub your jewellery, like exercise or gardening, give your rings and bracelets a break by removing them.

Finishing Touch: To keep your jewellery dazzling, put it on after you've applied makeup, perfume, and hair products. This helps prevent contact with substances that might affect its shine.

We take pleasure in helping you preserve your KDJ pieces for many lifetimes to come. If you have any questions or need further advice, feel free to get in touch with client care at